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Puracell vegetable capsules





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$37.45/120 capsules 

Manufacturer:World nutrition


$39.46/120 Capsules

Manufacturer:World nutrition

PuraCell™ is a powerful blend of minerals, herbs, and enzymes designed to support cellular regeneration and daily detoxification.  Cracked-wall chlorella, the star ingredient in PuraCell™, is considered one of the most complete “foods” as it contains a comprehensive list of micro-nutrients:

– Full amino acid profile
– Excellent source of B-12 (50% RDA)
– Vitamins A, C, E, and K
– B-complex,  niacin, and pantothenic acid
– RNA and DNA
– Folic acid, biotin, and choline
– Calcium and manganese
– Copper, zinc, and iodine
– Highest concentration of chlorophyll

The cellular benefits* of these nutrients may include:

– Immune system support
– Proper pH balance
– Improved digestion and intestinal health
– Heavy metal detoxification
– Hemoglobin support
– Reduced cholesterol levels
– Liver detoxification

We live in a toxic environment.  PuraCell™ harnesses the power of chlorella to cleanse and support the body in two ways – as a “Gentle Daily” cleansing regiment or as a “Quick 30-Day” flush, depending on dosage.